Be the Best Version of Yourself – 10 week online program

A 10-week online program that covers key values like Gratitude, Humanity, Self-Worth, Spirituality, Authentic Leadership and Be the Coach. Allowing you to Realise your full human potential

Nolan Pillay · Mar 26, 2021

About Nolan

Born and raised in a small town in Kwazulu Natal called Pietermaritzburg, a poor but humble background with all odds against me and my family, I had to face challenges daily and deal with them. At the tender young age of about 10, I had the opportunity of going out every morning, very early with my siblings to sell Samoosa’s and Murukku that my mum had made.

With the money we made, we could buy bread, which our lunch was made from. Some days we had no sales, which meant no lunch. During the latter part of my school years, I worked part time as a PA (PA = Petrol Attendant/Bowser Boy) and at a grocery store to earn extra cash to help my family. In 1989, I completed my Grade 12 but did not pass. It was a horrible time for me and I almost cost myself my life. I then had to face reality, people and the world. Thank God that within my community, people did not bother much about my situation as they had their own problems.

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Value 01 - Gratitude
02 - Humanity
03 - Self-Worth
04 - Spirituality
05 - Leadership

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Nolan Pillay

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