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Contacting StarCare for Support

Maloom Admin September 6, 2021

When you have a question on StarRez functionality there are several ways to find support, all within StarCare Online.

Two areas that are available 24/7 to customers within StarCare Online is the Knowledge Base and the Community Forum. 

Knowledge Base – Browse articles and answers on all things StarRez within StarCare Online

The Knowledge Base is a great first step to find direction on any system question. Our Knowledge Base contains learning plans, detailed directions, as well as process guidance on hundreds of solutions. If you need to answer a question, or if you’re looking to gain content knowledge, we suggest utilizing this resource. Our team is constantly reviewing and updating the Knowledge Base so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, try reaching out to the StarRez community!

Knowledge Base Tip: Click ‘Follow’ on sections that interest you to get email notifications when content is added or updated

Community Forum – Collaborate and get the community perspective within StarCare Online

The StarRez community is a valuable resource where you can join conversations regarding product functionality, review community posts, and submit or vote on product suggestions, ask questions, and share your solutions with fellow StarRez customers from around the world.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try tapping into our community knowledge by asking a “How To” question. This section is closely monitored by the StarCare team, and we’ll respond as soon as we can (if our community doesn’t beat us to it!)

Community Forum Tip: Click on ‘Follow’ on sections that interest you to get email notifications when content is added or updated

Need additional assistance? Contact StarCare!

StarCare is the live support team available to customers during business hours. Customers have three ways to contact StarCare.

1. Submit a Ticket via StarCare Online – This is the preferred method of submitting tickets or raising issues

This is the preferred method of submitting tickets or raising issues because it allows the customer to clearly define the issue and provide all the necessary information for StarCare to review and begin investigating. 

When submitting a ticket to StarCare, best practices is to include the following details to expedite the review and resolution:

1. Brief summary of the issue
2. Product(s) affected (ex: StarRez Web, PortalX, Windows Client, etc…)
3. An example to use for testing (ex: EntryID, TransactionID, SecurityUserID, etc..)
4. Replication Steps / What you’ve already tried to resolve the issue
5. Scope of impact (ex: how many people are affected, what operations the issue is impeding)
6. Urgency of the issue, including any deadlines and the impact of the issue

Click here to submit a ticket

2. Chat

If you’ve got a quick question, utilize the Chat Widget in the bottom right-hand corner of StarCare Online to send StarCare an instant message. When we’re online, one of our friendly representatives will reply instantly, and we’ll get you sorted out.

Although chat provides a quick link to support, please be mindful that the chat representative is handling several chats at one time and does not have the ability to perform a connect sessions with customers while on Chat. Because of the nature of chat, we’ve found a few areas where customers have successful chats, and some areas that are best served via a ticket to StarCare online. 

Customers have had success with the following ticket types in Chat:
– Assistance finding a Knowledge Base article
– Requests to add team members to StarCare Online
– Quick how-to questions
– Assistance navigating StarRez Web (ie: finding a function or option)

We highly recommend submitting a ticket via StarCare Online for questions related to the below topics. As noted in Submit a Ticket via StarCare Online above, remember to include the best practice items to expedite ticket review and resolution.

– Troubleshooting PortalX/Legacy Portal Items
– Assistance with reports or troubleshooting reports
– Questions on data subscriptions
– Assistance with complex SQL or StarQL
– Following up on open tickets

3. Contact StarCare via Phone

Please call us for any StarRez emergencies, urgent issues, or issues that will likely require a screen share or an in-depth discussion. We do still recommend you create a ticket through StarCare Online first before reaching out through phone, and reference the ticket number when you call.

StarCare team members are available on the following numbers:

Australia & New Zealand+61 1800 875 487
USA & Canada+1 877 859 6259
United Kingdom+44 800 808 5245
Singapore+65 800 852 3938
Rest of World+1 877 859 6259

Support Roles

StarCare and Community Relations both exist to help you. Their roles are different. Below are examples of scenarios in which you may require assistance and who you should contact for each scenario. If you do not know who your Community Relations representative is, feel free to reach out to StarCare.

Demo new features and modules – You are interested in seeing additional system functionality and exploring if it could meet your business needs.  Community Relations
Learn about existing functionality – You are familiar with the purpose of an existing feature but are unsure of how it works (i.e. which buttons to push).StarCare 
Implement a major change to an application process – You want to add an LLC selection to an existing application process and you need help determining the overall scope of the change, where in the process to put it, who should see it, and how best to implement the change without interruption to your day-to-day operations. Community Relations
Implement a minor change to an application process – You want to add a residence hall to the Room Preferences page in an existing application process.StarCare 
Training – You have hired two new staff who will need comprehensive StarRez New User training to quickly come up to speed. You need to discuss best options for onsite training. Community Relations
Training – You need someone to show you how to activate Portal Editor functionality.StarCare 

To learn more about StarCare Online, please click link to see more.

Link – Training Participant Guide: StarRez Support