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Open SR Web tabs in New Window

Maloom Admin September 6, 2021

Platform: StarRez Web

There will be instances where it would be beneficial to be able to open a StarRez form within its own workspace. This can either be a new browser Tab or browser Window. This article will go through how this can be achieved in the majority of modern browsers.

Most objects, such as Entries, Rooms, Reports etc., are in fact hyperlinks (blue text, underline on mouseover) that a browser can open in:

  • Current Window (default behaviour)
  • New Tab
  • New Window

The standard keys/clicks for most modern browsers are as follows:

New Tab

  • CTRL (hold) > Left-click hyperlink
  • Middle-click hyperlink
  • Right-click hyperlink > Open in New Tab (menu selection)

New Window

  • Right-click hyperlink > Open in New Window (menu selection)

The benefit of opening in a new Window is that it allows you to snap the frame to the edges (Windows 7+) to create a dual pane workspace.


Tab to Window

Most modern browsers will also allow you to drag a Tab out of the browser and convert it into a Window.