Billy Sehume

Billly Sehume

Hello, I am Billy from South Africa. I am TESOL certified with 3 years’ online tutoring experience, also certified in IT Project Management with 11-year experience.

You will agree with me that the “One size fits all” teaching style is flawed because it assumes all students learn the same way. My approach is flexible and adaptable to new ways of doing things differently.
My focus is student-centered and intended to suit the student’s learning needs and aspirations.

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prefer using task-based learning to sequence learning activities and encourage discussions and demonstrations to promote learning through interaction.

Let’s get ready to start your learning journey together. I am really looking forward to meeting you soon and we start working together.

Seasons are a reminder that we don’t need to push all the time. Tune in, into your natural rhythm of your life in this season of the. Let’s enjoy the journey together and allow the universe to take care of the destination.

I have bundles of enthusiasm and a real ambition to succeed.

I am adaptable and flexible to new ways of doing things. I am part of a solution and enjoy moving forward with my students to unlock new possibilities as a collective.

I believe in a Mantra: ” If you add a little to a little and do this often, soon the little becomes Great”. Promising to make better choices the next time doesn’t work, it only pushes us into the imaginary future.

We have to start doing things in-the-now! I can’t wait for you to sign up.


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He is a very passionate and inspiring teacher, also a good listener. He asked me some questions before the lesson and prepared a lesson material customized for me. I received lots of feedback too. Highly recommended to any kind of career.