Namita Buerkle

Namita Buerkle

I strive to make a difference to better this world.
I believe we are all capable of so much more than we can ever imagine. There is a limitless power within all of us and I am dedicated to helping you unlock it.

I am a certified Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE®) Provider, here to help you release build up stress and trauma that gets trapped in deep muscular contractions and allows you nervous system to start regulating to deal with daily stressors. 

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I envision a world where:

  • We are not held back from our past or fear our future.
  • We realize and accept that WE are Love and Love is everyone.
  • We embrace all changes and challenges because we are supported by our fully regulated nervous system, and our relaxed and restored body.
  • We all support and uplift each other.
  • We co-create this world to be filled with love and support.
  • We RE-ENGAGE with our true self. Establish authentic relationships with others. Enjoy a meaningful life.
  • We re-connect with our own body, allowing us to re-create authentic and meaningful relationships with others, and RE-EMERGE feeling embodied.


As a Tension and Trauma (Stress) Releasing Exercise Provider (TRE®), my vision is to empower you to release these stressors trapped in deep muscle contractions. This allows your nervous system to function in a more regulated manner. Freeing you from triggers that set you into a fight/flight or freeze response. 

  • As a Sport Scientist, my aim is to enhance your body using the latest forms of exercise training. Shortening the amount of time, you spend exercising by maximizing your metabolic functioning.

  • As a Marketing, Brand and Communications Specialist, I strive to assist small business owners with brand strategy development, creative problem-solving using strategic planning, and content creation to achieve their brand and marketing strategies.

  • As a Transformational Catalyst and Digital Entrepreneur, within the Personal Transformation and online marketing industries, my purpose is to guide you to becoming the limitless being you are and experience the freedom you have always dreamed about.


Wynandt Verster
Wynandt Verster Marketer, MBA
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In working with Namita, I found her to be meticulous in putting arguments together, very skilled at verbalising rational thinking and she has a strong work ethic. Namita is a thorough thinker. In a group context she effortlessly finds common ground irrespective of how diverse cultural backgrounds are. She is able to create a friendly AND high performing context for a team to operate in – solid gold! See less