Nolan Pillay

Nolan Pillay (#StraightTalkWithNolan)

We can choose to sit back and watch others move forward with their lives, or we can choose to take our power into our own hands to achieve the success we have always longed for.

I have created Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF™ , a program that I will use to help give you the tools to unleash your incredible personal powe. Can you afford to walk away from this opportunity to change your life? No, it’s time to Live and Serve your Purpose!

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BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF is the most exciting project I have ever worked on because it allows me to work on MYSELF first and then help others work on THEMSELVES! This program is based on the daily challenges we face and how we can handle them better. We are all individuals in our own right, and we owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. No one is going to change our mind-sets; we have to adapt and make the decision alone. This is where my program will help you make those hard-felt decisions.

I went into a journey of self-discovery and learnt so much about myself and the limitless potential I had within. Growing up in a poverty-stricken background never allowed me to venture deeper into finding myself because my mind was conditioned from an early age. I chose to keep myself motivated by delving into any self-development program I could invest in – the likes of Millionaire Mind Intensive and Enlightened Warrior Power (T. Harv Eker), Thinking into Results and Paradigm Shift (Bob Proctor), MY Comeback Challenge and Date with Destiny (Tony Robbins) and Be Extraordinary, Be Extraordinary at Work, Silva UltraMind System, Super Brain, Speak & Inspire, Life Visioning Mastery, Mastering Authentic Networking, Personal Mastery and a student at Mindvalley University (Mindvalley). The results that I am getting in my personal and work life is unbelievable – something I never would have dreamt of achieving – all this with just a mindset shift.


Michelle Da Costa
Michelle Da Costa
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“Thank you, Nolan for your commitment and guidance to Molefe and your mentorship program, that has given this young man much belief and confidence in his capabilities of reaching, his goals and aspirations.”
Luthando Madondo
Luthando Madondo
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I had an opportunity to be Mentored by Nolan Pillay, truly a well-seasoned icon and profoundly passionate leader. In my engagements with Nolan, his quest would always be to derive purpose in what we do and ensure that business solutions should be intended to enhance the life of others. I would recommend his exceptional counsel to anyone seeking it. It's truly a priceless commodity.