Ricardo Gressel

Ricardo Gressel (Warrior Ric)

Hello, my name is Ricardo Gressel (aka WarriorRic). I have an International Relations degree from Stanford Uninversity in California, USA. I have lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for the last 26 years, and I have four children and two grandchildren.

As a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, I would be delighted to support you in your endeavours towards success at school, in your profession or simply to help you live your best life.

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Specialising in leadership development, WarriorRic uses an innate power of self-motivation and overcoming mental blocks to kickstart programmes. To maintain momentum and induce good and sustainable habits, WarriorRic has established proprietary tools, such as R.I.C. (Relevant Inspired Chats) which are short inspirational videos that can be shared across social media, and S.W.A.T. (Small Workshops for Building A-Teams) which are tailored solution based engagements for tackling the unique challenges of an organisation.

As a partner in Digicademy, WarriorRic has gone back to school to learn, unlearn and re-learn African American History, American History, Public Speaking and Branding and Marketing in order to adapt his passion for learning to technical platforms using video and one-on-one instruction.

 Most recently, WarriorRic has developed a curriculum called, “How to be a Warrior during a Pandemic” which helps students to overcome anxiety, fear and doubt during these uncertain times with a methodology that makes learning fun and easy. His lessons include tools that include self-examination against a backdrop of hopelessness and despair to help build confidence, fine tune mental wellness and increase productivity.



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